Hothhon se chhu lo - Prem Geet (1981)

Hothhon se chhu lo tum meraa geet amar kar do,
ban jaao meet mere, meri preet amar kar do.

[touch my song with your lips, make it immortal,
be my beloved, make my love immortal]

Na umr kee seemaa ho, naa janmon kaa ho bandhan
jab pyaar kare koi to dekhe kewal maan,
nayee reet chalaakar tum ye reet amar kar do

[No restriction of age, not the bond of lives,
when someone love should see only the soul,
by carving new trend, make the trend immortal]

Aakaash kaa sunapan mere tanaha man me,
paayal zanakaatee tum aa jaao jeewan me
saanse dekar apani sangeet amar kar do.
sangeet amar kar do mera geet amar kar do.

[Loneliness of the sky is in my lone heart,
with rattleing paayal enter into my life,
by giving own breaths make the music immortal
make the music immortal, make my song immortal]

Jag ne chhinaa muz se, muze jo bhee lagaa pyaaraa
sab jeetaa kiye muz se, main har pal hee haaraa
tum haar ke dil apanaa, meree jeet amar kar do

[World snatched from me, whatever was beloved to me,
all won from me, I lost at every moment,
by losing your heart you make my victory immortal]

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