Google Success on "miserable failure"

It used to be in the past. During those days if you type failure or miserable on google it will show first the American White House web site. Now google has fixed this issue. (Following figure shows "before and after" google results).
It is to be noted that not even a single word like failure or miserable is there in the meta tag or content of the website of that American White House. So it is quite evident that the search robot of this google does not look for meta tag or content when it searches. What else does it look for? It is described as GoogleBombing.

It is said that a number of webmasters use the phrases 'failure' and 'miserable failure' to describe and link to President Bush's website, thus pushing it to the top of searches for those phrases. This is the explanation given by google. That is, this is a peculiar search algorithm. Shall we call it as google's success? It seems that we must have given the title as "Google Success". Sorry, it is a typo.

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