Michael Jackson Death Photo - "OK" Weekly Magazine Paid $500,000

"OK" Weekly Magazine which published from US, has Paid $500,000 For Michael Jackson Death Photo.

A knowledgeable source said British parent Northern & Shell paid the equivalent of roughly U.S. $500,000 for exclusive magazine rights to the photo in the U.S. and U.K.

ET has the exclusive last photo of Michael Jackson before his death.
Jackson passed away Thursday afternoon. He was 50.

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  1. thank you michael for your many great talents. we miss you and your awesomeness! I remember watching you on tv as a child and then getting up and just dancing my little heart out now 37 I still watch you on tv and I still get up and dance my heart out!!! I love you and now my children do too! We miss you The King of Pop!!!! RIP Michael


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