Ghajini 2008 - SMS reveals climax and Story

Friends, there is chain of SMS started which are revealing what could possibly be the climax of the film Ghajini 2008.

"Someone killed Aamir's girlfriend and he lost his memory. Then he tries to find out the killer. Suspense Aamir himself is the killer. Now enjoy 'Ghajini'!" says the SMS.

Whether the SMS is true would only be clear once the film releases on Friday.

The film is the Hindi remake of director A.R. Murugadoss' Tamil hit with the same name. 'Ghajini' is the love story of a rich businessman Sanjay Singhania (Aamir) and a model Kalpana (Asin). The story takes a U-turn when Kalpana is murdered and Sanjay suffers temporary amnesia due to a brain injury. Sanjay's character sets out to take revenge from those responsible for Kalpana's death.

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